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The RL 1854 Business Opportunity
Our new and innovative brand, RL 1854 offers a range of sleek, contemporary, lifestyle jewellery backed by a whole host of firsts: across business model, product design, market segmentation, supply-chain integration, retail ambience and information systems. And in yet another first, we're inviting enterprising individuals to participate in our success story as we expand our presence pan-India with a new scalable business architecture designed to capture a significant volume of the current as well as untapped market.
You can be the one who brings this exclusive offering to the discerning customer in your geographical location by becoming an RL 1854 Dealer.
What Aarel offers
- Brand RL 1854
The associates joining us as Dealers of RL 1854 get to use the brand signature and trademarks, store furniture designs, and other elements of brand identity.
- Margins- Decent margins, which may vary as per the product and promotional schemes.
- Stocking Policy- Entire stock will be provided to the dealer on credit and will be replenished according to sales.
- Responsive Supply Chain Architecture- The entire RL 1854 supply chain is architected to maximize availability of the right products at the right time at the right place in the right quantities. Using cutting-edge principles of Theory of Constraints, our supply chain architecture will optimize sales by dynamically replenishing to actual consumption. The advantage for you is over 95% availability of products (virtually no stockouts) to meet fluctuating customer demand. This is achieved without keeping additional inventory and risking obsolescence that results in heavily marked-down sales. Our guiding principle is "no link in the entire chain has sold until the end-customer has bought". Thus, we will not push unwanted products or large quantities on to you; we will help you maximize sales and throughput achieved from every inch of shelf-space in your shop
- Product Offering
1.Contemporary lifestyle jewellery : The initial focus of the company would be on offering stylish and contemporary Bangles. These will flood the market in such force that the customer will soon come to embody the Company's positioning, 'Think Bangles, Think RL 1854'. Over time, the bangle range will be extended with a wider selection of other products.
2.Traditional lifestyle jewellery : : This range will include jewellery in gold and silver finish. 'Superior quality at a competitive price' will be the USP of this range, which will also include accessory items like tattoos, bindis, hairpins, etc.
What we ask for:
The Support
All of the above features of the RL 1854 business opportunity add up to make it a truly unique offering with significant competitive edge to fuel your growth and fulfilment.
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